I grew up in a world that was so strongly delineated between real boys and me. Despite the physical truth, I feel like a fraud. I know it’s fiction, but it’s a challenge for me to not operate within those boundaries. In July my trainer gave me a new habit to practice, talk to the... Continue Reading →



Five decades of fear and shame has had its way on my body. I was always aware of my hunch, curling into myself. In high school I recognized I couldn't stand up straight. I felt I presented myself as submissive and compensated with a snarl. I knew I looked peculiar. Part of my healing was... Continue Reading →


Below is my artist statement for an upcoming show. In a way I feel like a coward for purposely removing the words "sexual abuse" and "rape" from the statement. In my defense it is the most personal statement I've ever made about my work. Generally I try to avoid telling the viewer what the work... Continue Reading →

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