Link – Binary Refraction

...what I saw was scattered and shattered.


just a post – seen

Today I was reviewing what I have written over the past year. I wanted to direct a friend to a post that will clearly tell my story. But the posts seem to be just snippets of who I am. What do I point him to? My first post Belong, is a good slice in time,... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Surviving & Thriving

Tonight I am going to my 40th high school reunion. I am taking two intents: Celebrate and Curiosity. On the surface we’ll be celebrating the length of our lives. I will also be celebrating survival. Survival is so much more than getting through the abusive acts. Survival to me is carving out a life with the... Continue Reading →

A Vaque Path Out

I was 5 when I first comforted myself in a barrage of self hate. It's a sphere of noise that cuts me off. The isolation is a stormy solace. In it, I am yelling and thrashing at me while actually mute and paralysed to the outside world. I was excited to have been invited to... Continue Reading →

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