A video starts and you see yourself. What if your first, unedited thought was “handsome and muscular”? Bear with me. The assessment isn’t fueled with bloated pride, nor was it a notion born of hope. What was seen was not a Hollywood hunk or Mr. Olympia. It was simply an appreciative recognition. And I can tell you, it is peaceful. 

Recently I saw myself without the familiar, hateful glaze. That filter had coated my self perception almost forever. This micro reaction caught me off guard. As I relished it, I knew it was rooted in a new found fondness. The thoughts were pure, their innocents kept them miles away from egotism. I suppose it is how parents see their children, through a radiance harmonious with their love.

It is not so strange that good nutrition and training brought me here. By attending to my body I was able to develop a nurturing relationship with myself. I was beyond something to despise and neglect, beat or cajole.  The habits opened a yearning for wholesome. As I advanced with my bodybuilding, my inner work also moved more rapidly. This growth became a self feeding machine. The more I did, the further I went. And it brought me to a vision tainted with a kind regard.

I have spent a lifetime shunning my image. The sight of myself was at best perplexing, at its worst revolting. I still have a pointy nose, bulging eyes and protruding ribs. Recognizing these flaws no longer summon my demons. In this new freedom, they warmly remind me what I am looking at, my home.

#bodybuilding #growth #handsome #muscular #selfpeace #malesurvivor


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