Flow ’74, Notes


To echo a phrase, life gets better.

The effects of these events were traumatic to me. They compounded already existing conditions; social phobias, hypervigilance and night terrors were all magnified. Self contempt was thrown into overdrive.

The severity was compounded by secrecy. I was able to conceal most in a veil of anger. Eventually that trick frayed and within a number of years I could barely function. But that isn’t the authentic person most of you know.

Trauma doesn’t need to become a prison. If you are struggling, please allow yourself to get help. Pretend you are worth it, you will come to know you are. Pretend you can change, until you do. Above all, don’t let it steal your dreams.

3 thoughts on “Flow ’74, Notes

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  1. So true…we have to take our trauma and keep working thru no matter how long. For me, I keep two things in my chest locked up for no one. The day may come when I can talk and start to deal with those issues. They don’t control my life in any way. So glad you are sharing your story. 🙂


    1. I am going to strongly encourage you to find a safe place to speak those two things. For a long time I used Males Survivors discussion forums to post anonymously. Being unknown allowed me to practice.
      The peace I have come to was worth the struggle.
      But only do it safely and with self compassion.

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