Forward, from here.

We’ve heard it so many time, “it’s a new day”. It’s difficult not to go numb to the bandwagon.

There is no out from our lives, only forward. Our paths will always be anchored to our pasts. If you’ve suffered trauma the weight maybe exceptionally heavy. But we can travel far and weave our paths with others, sharing, encouraging, witnessing along the way.

Where are you on you journey? Our lives move so slowly most days and even you may seem the same. But you are moving and changing. We can’t change our origins, but we can select our destination.

Today I was doing deadlifts, another man was doing deadlifts. I walk by him. He had a fuck-lot of weight loaded. I started counting his plates but caught myself before I struggled through the math. Yep, caught myself scouting for a weapon to beat myself up with.

Not today!

I went back to my bar and resolved that I would do as well as I could. I would keep all of trainer’s cues in mind. This is the weight I am at, today’s starting point.

Look to others for inspiration, but be careful when comparing yourself. That other deadlifter was once happy to lift what I did today.

Where are you going? What is your destination?


4 thoughts on “Forward

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  1. That’s a hard thing to remember when I find myself comparing myself to others. There are probably many people who would wish to have my “body type”. God created me. I’m beautiful because He says so. I think that’s good enough for me!

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    1. If I cross the line from noticing someone to comparing myself to them, that’s a big red flag that my insecurities are acting up. And they have nothing to do with the other person. Would I be happier being you? No, being taller with “good” proportions wouldn’t ease one single challenge I face.

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