Spring Loaded



through the crowd

Out of blue,

Speed rush

Jimmy, Jimmy

Gotta get

Jimmy, Jimmy

Yeah, Yeah, Little Jim

Strike and fight


Spring loaded missile boy

Wait til they…

Swing / leap, scramble up tree

Lurching holt




Goofs running

Girls talking.

Got It

That kid


just a little further


no hands

Feeb doesn’t know

Out of blue

Pause snaps

Prank Pounce

On his back.


Keep it moving

Swing / lunge

Straddle his back

Twisting, Turning, straining to see

Squirming feeb, snicker glee

I’m in charge

rub his face

Dirt, Dirt

He bucks


His eyes

Dumb and mad

Want to break



feeb doesn’t know blue

Riding thrusts

His stupid’s funny.

Arms up

not holding


Bronco can’t throw

light weight me

I am in charge!

Feeb doesn’t know

Pussy boy’s spent

Anything is mine

Drop my butt

Bone on ribs.

Ha, it hurts

Breaking mad


Not much fight

Not much wind

Big guy’s down

I’m in charge.

Get my prize

Break his pride

Lick my dick

Lick my dick

Put it in your mouth


Put it in your mouth

Smear it on his face

cause I can

Cause I can


Small and spry

Thin and quick

I’m off on this

Jimmy, Jimmy


My therapist asked if I could write about the assault from the other boy’s perspective. I was briefly creeped out, but quickly engaged in the challenge. I don’t know if I can hang a narrative on this, we were so young, I don’t believe we thought in full sentences.

My version of the event is Speed Breath


8 thoughts on “Spring Loaded

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    1. Hi Buffy,
      Thank you, that means a lot.
      I was surprised how easily it flew, once I removed myself and stuck to only the facts, not what I always imagined (because I had to make sense of it). I don’t think I was targeted, I was an opportunity, I was under the tree.

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      1. Ah, that’s very interesting — a shift in perspective can be a healthy thing for our minds, I would think. It was a good exercise to do … if not a pleasant one.
        Anyway, you’re most welcome. The positive thing is that it illustrates your talent for writing. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. As I was reading this a thought came into my mind, that this boy had probably been a victim of a similar assault by an older guy. Because where else would a 5 year old get the idea of doing something like that?


    1. Daemon,
      Him and his family were always a mystery to me. Very secretive. I know he learned it somewhere.
      Sadly his life wasn’t a happy one, it was ruled by drugs and booze. He died last year. The family, true to form, never released the cause of death.

      Liked by 1 person

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