SPOTLIGHT: Brian Dennis

I reread this and it helped me regain my focus. I was really proud when he posted it.

Deacon Fitness

This month I have the pleasure of introducing you to an inspiration in many ways, not the least of which is aging! (During the first few months of working together, this handsome gent told me that 55 – his age at the time – was the best year he’d ever lived.)

Initial Pics 173.png November 2014 – 173lb

Meet Brian.

As you can see, he was already a pretty fit guy and maintained a meticulous exercise habit. He came to me specifically looking to improve his swimming stroke (look better naked), get stronger (look better naked), and to improve his physique…you know, look better naked.

Well, much has changed since our first meeting 18 months ago.

  • previously, Brian’s daily food log showed not only an absence of veggies, but an aversion to veggies and any fruit not ending in -anana.
    • today, I fear for the neighborhood’s safety when Brian runs out of spinach
    • Brian also basically made…

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