Long Absence

I haven't published in a terribly long time. At first, I thought I would be back shortly, then it stretched from weeks into months. I am officially taking a hiatus from the blog. As I work through my life, I have discovered I want to present my story with the breath only a longer format... Continue Reading →


Brittle Veil

Untreated, trauma festers.


As we age, maybe we can’t be better then we were yesterday, BUT we can be better then we would have been if we didn’t try. Yesterday I felt low. I watched a video of my posing practice. I sank under the the number of flaws I saw. I have so much further to go.... Continue Reading →

The Me I Am

Off a dirt road behind the city I walked into a vast warehouse. Dark and quite. It’s sole gritty industry is pushing human performance. The athletes who train here squeeze their bodies through barriers most can’t even imagine. The only creature comfort are huge fans slamming the superheated Texan air around. Did I belong in... Continue Reading →

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