Long Whispers – Respect

I’ve looked at this responsibility on a sliding scale with a murky mid section.


The Me I Am

Off a dirt road behind the city I walked into a vast warehouse. Dark and quite. It’s sole gritty industry is pushing human performance. The athletes who train here squeeze their bodies through barriers most can’t even imagine. The only creature comfort are huge fans slamming the superheated Texan air around. Did I belong in... Continue Reading →

Call Back

I’ve been pretending for so long the process is rapid, effortless and worse, automatic.

The way in

Vague memories are surfacing. They are more notions then narratives, feelings then scenarios. It's a bit unusual for me, I am hyper visual yet many of the details are just sensations. They've been locked away for four decades. The smallest thing seems a major revelation. He said he'd get me a toothbrush. I felt guilty he... Continue Reading →

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