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Here, on a crowded beach, is where I met the man who kidnapped me in 1974. Decades later, I stand for a moment of reflection. On this quiet morning, an advertisement grabbed my attention. It’s a PSA for the National Human Trafficking Hotline. The bright message sparked a revelation. What would have once triggered anger... Continue Reading →

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Call for Artwork

Seeking artwork that celebrates personal transformation. virtually showcases art that embraces triumph over life’s challenges. Our first call ends August 13, 2021. The show “opens” on August 15. The site sprung from a series of my photographs by the same name. I am Brian David Dennis, a multi-disciplinary artist in Philadelphia. I am also a... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt

Tell me what about this image. Are there stories in it? Is it a place, a state of mind, real or dreamt? Where is it in time? Does it host dramas, romances or comedies? Tag your work #BDD210406 More images to write about on my Instagram #writingprompts #prompt #prompts #promptlist #writingprompt #storyprompt #story #write #writersprompts... Continue Reading →

Onto Today – EMDR Journey Notes

I ask a thousand questions about the trauma. So much so, the inquisition became a mantra. The mantra, a cage. I sought to liberate myself by understanding every perspective of my experience. My approach was doomed from the start. There are questions I will never have the answer to. But even more importantly, by looking... Continue Reading →

Dark Flutter – EMDR Journey Notes

Could everything you have ever been afraid of be unleashed? Would our monsters flutter away, tiny and frail? Would our bravery diminish their hold?I hold my fear in my chest, caged in my ribs. In a rage full fit, I snatched it. Dominated it. Claimed control and freedom. But they were hollow. Being a fortress... Continue Reading →

To Now

The trauma we experienced leaves deep scars on our psyche. I was in my late 50’s when I faced my sever food aversions. I also faced the horrible reaction I had to my reflection. It was a lot of work in therapy, but paramount to my changing was the personal trainer I worked with. He... Continue Reading →

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