The writing about the rape is taking longer than I thought. I ask for patience from you and myself as I allow the process to unfold. As I dig deeper I am remembering details I never spoken of, one in particular I buried. I’ve long generalize what happened, he drugged me, raped me and then... Continue Reading →


Working for alchemy

Words don’t seem like they can carry the weight of what I can't set free.

Binary Stars

Today friends and trainees congregated to say goodbye to Nick Deacon. He felt a draw to Austin and he’s following it. A fellow trainee made a handbound book for us to write our most important lessons. I wrote: We covered a lot of territory while getting this ship on its desired course. There are 2 concepts... Continue Reading →

Written on me

As part of my nutrition program, Precision Nutrition I was asked if I had any baggage left in my mental attic. I immediately thought of how trauma not only happens to you, it gets into you. It puts dinks in things that never should have been touched. I can never allow myself to forget that... Continue Reading →

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