George F. Jowett, ‘The Standard That Determines the Ideal Shape’, The Key to Muscle and Might (c. 1925) — Physical Culture Study

This post offers a great analysis of the ideal shape. I enjoyed the history lesson and his reasoning. There is no doubt in my mind that Eugene Sandow’s rise to fame was due more to the symmetrical shapeliness of his enviable body than to the difficulty of feats of strength he performed. Generally speaking, there... Continue Reading →


Sliding Scales

I was in a new place with a new person doing a new thing. Appropriately, I was terrified.


Masculinity is a poison carrot. Many a boy want to ooze it, own it, beat it to submission. It’s a caged beast, feeding on violence and cruelty. It drowns nuance and sensitivity in caustic piss. It is a realm without mercy, a world built for only one. To my shame, I want that fuckfest. My... Continue Reading →


As a child, my most guarded secret was my desire to be a boy. I wouldn’t dare let anyone know what I wanted. It was dangerous being that audacious. If my dreams were discovered, I’d be ridiculed, dragged into humiliation. I couldn’t bare being taken back there. Yet everyday, without my consent and with dread... Continue Reading →

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